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Marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) - an evolved marketing approach

The demand for innovation is pervasive and it has found its way into marketing. Marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) is the result of a natural demand for improvement in the effectiveness and affordability of marketing solutions.

This type of marketing gives small businesses and start-ups a chance to grow and thrive. The MaaS operations model, also regarded as the future of marketing by Forbes, could pressure traditional marketing agencies to embrace its style of high-impact marketing.

Marketing-as-a-service is not the same as service marketing as some might think. Although they both involve marketing and service, they are not one and the same. Service marketing is a specialised branch of marketing that seeks to promote service business and/or their services.

What is Marketing-as-a-service (MaaS)?

Marketing-as-a-service is a marketing model in which a business obtains a range of standard and customised marketing services based on a subscription plan.

It basically involves a business paying a periodic subscription fee to a MaaS provider and in return gets an optimised marketing service that accommodates several budget sizes and marketing deliverables. It’s almost like the way you subscribe for Netflix but in this case you will be getting an external marketing team that runs your growth and marketing operations based on your subscription plan.

Characteristics of MaaS

Based on the way MaaS providers are set up, they tend to have the following characteristics.

  • They are agile and void of operational complexities.

  • They provide on-demand performance driven marketing solutions.

  • They are internet based, as their solutions are digital marketing-as-a-service.

  • They operate with a team of marketing experts who work hand in gloves with top tier technology.

  • They offer a one-stop-shop service delivery. Unlike having to patronise several marketing agencies to get different marketing services.

Why grow your business with marketing-as-a-service (MaaS)?

Partnering with the right MaaS provider could prove to be the turning point for your business. Here is why;

1. High-impact marketing at lower cost.

Since you only need to subscribe for the services you need, MaaS undoubtedly is one of the most cost effective marketing approaches. Forget having to manage a broad marketing team as a start-up because that would involve hiring costs, spending on benefits and staff training.

Your business may also find it hard to afford the latest technology for marketing solutions but a MaaS provider will retail this technology to your business as an integral part of their affordable marketing service.

2. Access to a complete marketing team.

Not only is your growing business spared from the high expense of having a marketing department. Your business is also in the hands of skilled industry experts from different marketing functions such as content creators, social media managers, Facebook Ad specialist, savvy copywriters and strategists.

With a MaaS subscription, your company is no longer limited by low budget spend and the high cost of onboarding marketing experts.

3. Quick turnaround on marketing campaigns.

Marketing-as-a-service providers have an agile structure that reduces the time it takes to turn a brief into an active campaign.

By using AI technology alongside expert creatives who can interpret briefs accurately, business owners now have external marketing support for emergency campaigns or time sensitive promotional offers.

4. Good adaptability to marketing trends.

Your internal marketing team might not be close to the core of the high-impact marketing because their marketing experience is limited to your business marketing operations. MaaS providers on the other hand naturally keep a close eye on marketing trends and best practices for you.

They are marketing consultants with experience across several sectors. They understand the dynamics of marketing and can cross reference best practices to execute your campaigns innovatively.

5. MaaS can scale up your business rapidly.

Running a business is tough and marketing is not easy. Spreading your manpower thin is a risk that could halt your company’s scalability. But outsourcing your marketing operations allows your small workforce to focus on helping the company grow in new ways and adapt to changing business needs.

With the right Marketing-as-a-service provider, your business can scale up quickly. Since it's affordable, it only takes consistent subscriptions to keep all your digital advertising or marketing operations running smoothly.

Get Started

Marketing-as-a-service is what you need if you desire an agile marketing, results and performance driven marketing. A marketing outfit that ensures your marketing requests are attended to effectively and within the context of your marketing strategy could be the game changer for your business.


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