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Our case studies

See below some case studies and testimonials from some of our clients. In these, we've detailed the ask, how we went about solving them and the desired outcomes. 

How Loopify360 helped Zilla acquire its first 2000 users within 10 days


Challenge: Acquire the first 1000 users


For an innovative start-up like Zilla, their business depends on rapid and sustainable growth. Before working with us, Zilla’s marketing was fully done in-house. However, they struggled to achieve the results they needed from growth channels. There was also a lack of coherent strategy across all their marketing channels.


Lacking in-house experts and specialists, they decided to explore alternative solutions. One of the solutions they considered was to hire an in-house team of specialists and experts across multiple marketing channels which would have been very expensive and ineffective. Traditional agencies would have also charged through the roof to offer multichannel marketing expertise, with very little expertise in performance marketing and ROI being a myth for these dinosaur agencies. The CEO spoke to one of our co-founders and was impressed with our expertise and decided to partner with us.


Solution: Loopify360’s growth engine optimised for customer acquisition


Partnering with Loopify360 was immensely fruitful for Zilla. The partnership allowed them to rely on a team of experts and specialists to optimise their growth channels. This provided them with the confidence and peace of mind knowing that their money is in safe hands.



- Growth and marketing strategy developed within 3 days.

- 2000 users signed up within 10 days

- Characteristics of early users identified

- 1500% increase in customer registration landing page

- Attention from Google’s growth team

- 100% customer satisfaction

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YouBuyWeBring’s Daily Website Traffic Shot Up by 600% In Just 10 Days



As an innovative e-commerce business in RSA, YouBuyWeBring aims to disrupt the market with a catalogue of unique products produced both within and outside of South Africa, at affordable prices. To challenge the incumbents in the industry, YouBuyWeBring needed to ensure that every Rand delivered an unrivalled ROI compared to the big-budget incumbents.

Due to YouBuyWeBring’s limited performance marketing expertise, they could not get more results out of their fixed monthly budget. They needed to find a performance-driven and affordable growth partner, to enable them to drive website traffic, items added to traffic, purchases and email subscribers through a sustained increase in website traffic at a fixed cost.


YouBuyWeBring came to Loopify360 with this real-time challenge, with a quote from the CEO “Guys, I really need urgent help with my marketing”. After a thorough analysis of their current growth and advertising channels, we worked up a list of variables we could improve to drive their performance.

Loopify360 delivered unexpected results!

Here is a quote from YouBuyWeBring’s CEO after 10 days: “We are already feeling the impact of Loop360, our website traffic has gone up by 600%. All the metrics are going up. You have given me peace of mind as I don’t have to worry about performance marketing anymore. It’s just been 10 days, and we have increased the website traffic by 600%, up to a 5x increase in other metrics such as “number of items added to cart”, and we are just getting started!"

Loopify360 became the sole performance marketing partner for YouBuyWeBring in just 10 days! YouBuyWeBring now aims to raise more money to fund their marketing activities, with their growth engine fully optimised!

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