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10 Social Media Best Practices for Your Business

Social media is like a bustling global marketplace. The shift from in-person to online businesses has turned everyday folks into celebrities, just by gathering followers. If you're a business owner juggling different roles, especially marketing, understanding the social media game is key. It's about learning the rules, playing smart, and winning despite the challenges.

To understand social media as an entity of its own, seeing into the future is a must(a.k.a be an algorithm soothsayer). Paying attention to the happening trends, utilising the latest updates and features and immersing yourself in social media best practices are among the best places to start.


Social Media Best Practices - What are they?

Social media is an open field of opportunities but there are certain guidelines around it. Think of these as hacks to help you and your team come up with strategies that are well-suited to your business.

They are designed to help you get better results from your social media marketing strategies.


10 Social Media Best Practices 

1.Harness the Power of Analytics and Insights 

Utilise analytics tools to decipher your social media performance. Various tools can be used to achieve this, from social media management tools to the various features of the separate platforms.  For example, you can discover that video content receives a 20% higher engagement rate compared to text-based posts. This data-driven approach empowers you to refine your strategy for optimal results. It's not enough to just post consistently.

2. Personality is a plus

Tailor your content for a more personalised connection. Studies show that 79% of consumers are more likely to engage with personalised brand experiences. Respond to customer inquiries promptly and consider using personalised content based on user preferences.

3. Let Automation do the Heavy Lifting

We've moved from thinking that AI wants to take away our jobs to how it can assist and make our jobs easier. It saves time and takes a lot of stress off your back. For example, taking advantage of certain tools that can help schedule posts and predict screen time are a plus. Businesses that automate social media posts witness a 45% increase in engagement. 

4. Spotlight Your Customers

Highlight client experiences to foster confidence. Post client testimonials, and success stories, or re-post images of your products alongside them. They are sometimes referred to as organic, user-generated content.

5. Make your Team your first Ambassadors

It is said that your first clients are your employees. They can be transformed into your brand ambassadors (the ones that are ok with this at least). Encourage your team to share their experiences or behind-the-scenes moments, giving your brand a human touch.

6. Trends are still in fashion

Follow current trends that are relatable to your brand. Whether it's switching to a new platform or using popular hashtags, remaining on trend keeps your content fresh and relevant. Note, that not every trend is worth jumping on.

7. Learn every platform’s language

Picture this - imagine working at a bank and you decide to get to work in a clown costume not only will you feel out of place but it wouldn't fit well with the ethics and culture of the establishment, This is exactly how it feels to post the same content across board without fitting them to the platforms they would appear on. Customize your content for platform-specific strengths. Whether it's visually appealing Instagram posts or professionally oriented LinkedIn content, adapt your approach to maximize engagement.

8. Unlock Audience Insights

Dive deep into audience preferences for targeted content. Brands that understand their audience witness a 67% increase in leads. Identify your audience's behaviors, preferences, and pain points to create content that resonates.

By incorporating these refined practices, business owners can leverage data, trends, and tailored content to maximize their impact on social media

9. Encourage User Participation

Foster engagement by encouraging users to participate in polls, contests, or challenges. For instance, challenge your audience to share creative ways they use your product, creating a buzz and involving them in your brand story.

10. Be consistent with posting time

Maximize visibility by posting at optimal times. Make use of insights to determine when your audience is most active. By aligning your posting schedule with their online behavior, you increase the chances of reaching a larger audience.


Although there are no rules that are cast in stone, these practices are guidelines to help you make a better social media marketing strategy and what better way to begin this than in the first quarter of the new year? Consistency, a foolproof strategy and a fountain full of knowledge and tips are sure to make you see a positive difference in your brand's social media presence and engagements.


What are the ABCs of Social Media Marketing

They are Audience, Branding and Content consistency because when it comes to social media, it's the long game that produces results.

How do I start a Social Media Campaign?


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