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Compelling Creative Ideas to try out this Black Friday

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The Black Friday season is in session and we’re sure a lot of businesses are ready with their discounts, offers, and loyal customers behind them. If you’re a medium-sized business with the ability to afford help, this has to be one of the busiest times of the year, even more so than the Christmas rush and if you’re a solopreneur, we are wishing you all the best because we know the stress that’s been put on you.

This is why we have compiled some out-of-the-box creative ideas to help you reach more audiences and rake in more sales during this period.


Creative Marketing Ideas to try out for Black Friday

Discounts are always the highlights of the Black Friday season. You can’t scroll through social media platforms like Instagram without seeing sponsored black Friday posts, each brand with its products, creative videos, and offers. Here are 3 super-creative ideas that you can try out so you don’t get lost this Black Friday and ...

1) Utilizing User-Generated Content Creation: What better way to reach out to consumers than to hear reviews from another consumer?

Nova by Loopify Creators

Why? There are UGC creators who can create relatable content for brands that don’t come off as promotional but can pass the message across to a larger audience using creative concepts. They give off their reviews of the product which act as testimonials.

2) Advertisement Campaigns: Black Friday officially begins on the 24th of November - 27th of November but that doesn't mean promotional posts shouldn't begin weeks before the D-date.

A lot of brands begin their promotion sales 3 days before Black Friday kicks off but advertising campaigns have been rolled out at least a month before November. Social media campaigns can be rolled out weeks before your actual offer date to build anticipation and for a lot of people to include their purchases in their budgets.

3) Showcase your top-performing product through targeted ads: Maximise your Black Friday success by showcasing your top-performing product through targeted advertisements.

This smart move taps into the product's popularity, attracting more customers and boosting sales. Featuring your top item increases your brand's visibility and builds trust with shoppers. It's a clever and effective way to make your Black Friday campaign stand out and bring in a lot of money.

User Generated Creators
Example of Loopify's ad campaign for Miss FM

4) Utilise the countdown concept: Nothing screams anticipation than the countdown concept. This can be integrated into email systems, social media platforms, and websites as a design or extension. The prices of each day may differ especially on the most popular products to push impulse buys.

Want to implement the above ideas to start reaching the right audience?

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Loopify Black Friday


Due to the numerous Black Friday bargains that are released every week or several months ahead of the actual date, the Black Friday sales season is one of the busiest. There are always too many options available to consumers. These pointers are meant to make you stand out from the competition, attract new clients, and win over devoted ones who will stick with you even after the season. Promoting campaigns is one of the most popular strategies for guaranteeing a successful season, and getting started early is always encouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How should Black Friday deals be promoted on social media?

'Mystery deals' or specifying in your posts exactly what your promos contain. Countdown timers, special offer previews, and other captivating and relatable content can help businesses create excitement and increase foot and website traffic on Black Friday.

How to attract customers during Black Friday?

Are the deals on Cyber Monday and Black Friday the same??


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