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Benefits of SMS marketing

Many business owners seem to be unaware about the numerous benefits of SMS marketing. Interestingly, text message marketing saves the day where some other forms of digital marketing lack effectiveness.

SMS marketing is the distribution of marketing content via text messages ideally to a well selected target audience.

In a similar fashion to creating an email list, one of the foundations of text marketing is to create a contact list populated with your prospect's phone numbers (which has been obtained in accordance with GDPR laws) after which you can start distributing your SMS marketing content.

Being sceptical about the use of SMS marketing is understandable when you’re unsure of its benefits.

Here are some benefits of including SMS in your marketing mix :

1. Instant marketing communications.

Real time marketing communications is one of the advantages of using SMS as a marketing channel.

Especially when compared to digital advertising channels like facebook ads and pay per click advertising. For the aforementioned, your target audience will never see your sales copy or advert unless they visit social media or the internet.

SMS advertising does not have this loophole, as long as your prospect's device remains switched on.

The average human checks their mobile phone at least once in 4 minutes and this translates to your marketing messages instantly received and seen as soon as it’s sent.

For coupon offers or discounts that have time limits, mobile text messages as a marketing channel will help you reach your target market in real time.

The brevity that text message content is known for also contributes to your prospects instantly reading your message and adhering to its call to action within15 minutes after delivery

2. Efficient delivery.

When you optimise your blog post, you still have to keep monitoring your SEO index to ensure your website ranks high on the first page of google.

Without optimising your text marketing content, it gets delivered at the top of your prospect's inbox immediately after your message has been sent successfully. Smartphone features allow pop up notifications to alert the phone user- your target audience of your messages, so they don't miss it.

In email marketing, cold emails newsletters are sometimes wrongly classified as spam content but your cold SMS marketing campaigns will almost never suffer that kind of setback.

3. High engagement

Where email advertising suffers from relatively low open rates, messages enjoy high open rates. With an average of 99% open rates you can imagine the level of visibility your business promotion will get per campaign.

Keeping your prospect's engaged on their buying journey increases your chances of converting them into paying customers.

Service businesses that are built on appointments use SMS to prevent losing business opportunities caused by customer disappointments. With the help of SMS, reminders are easily sent without putting off their client.

Sometime’s a customer’s retail buying journey is sometimes disrupted due to many reasons. Marketing teams have learnt to leverage text messages to encourage buying journey by sending encouraging SMS prompts.

4. Reduced competition.

SMS marketing helps your business stay clear of the competitive messaging noise.

If you want to escape the struggle for visibility, then integrate SMS marketing into your marketing mix when creating your marketing strategy.

SMS text adverts are more promising compared to social media advertising where lots of promotional content drag for the attention of your audience. The average human sees at least 100 adverts a day. In regards to delivery and effectiveness, SMS marketing naturally sits in high ranks as digital marketing channels with minimal competition.

5. Effective customer relationship management.

After your customer has successfully completed their retail experience (purchasing items in their cart), sending them a personalised thank you text is made easy with SMS marketing. This aids customer retention and brand loyalty.

You can easily send personalised messages to your customers as a kind gesture on their birthdays or on a public holiday they can relate to. It is also an easy way to get reviews and feedback for your customer experience management.

SMS software services have made the text marketing niche easier by allowing you to send bulk SMS marketing messages to your target audience with your brand name as the identity.

The good news is, as there’s no one way to climbing a mountain, there’s no marketing rule that requires you to only stick to one method of marketing. It’s better to include SMS marketing in your marketing mix to effective results.


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