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Affordable and Efficient AI Marketing tools to add to your 2024 Business Resolution.

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Despite the mixed press, AI seems to get at the time. We stand on the side of fully utilising the technology and we have proof of how its efficiency and time-saving qualities have helped different businesses, small or medium, achieve maximum productive results. Which in any business is one of the most important elements.

As a business owner, you feel 24 hours in a day is never enough to get most of your tasks done, resulting in you feeling burnt out and unproductive. These AI tools allow you to delegate most of your tasks easily and you have enough time to focus on curating more innovative ideas for your brand.


Five Efficient AI Marketing Tools

Now that the boring part of the introduction is over, we have highlighted 5 AI tools that deserve to be added to your must-use tools list as they make your job easier and more efficient. Think, ‘work smarter not harder.’

1. Loopify AI Content Generator: Except for money, nothing compares to a free product. Furthermore, it is a lot for a business owner to take on additional financial responsibilities on top of their already heavy plate. With just a few clicks, this application generates creative content for blog posts, social media captions, and email content. Your content is then ready for publication. There are other cool AIs in the neighbourhood than Chat GPT.

2. Algolia: Algolia helps in search personalisation. The summary of what that means is that it improves your search feature on your website and if you never had one or are not satisfied with the plug-in, this is just the right tool. Not only does it help increase click-through rate it showcases your brand as one that makes things easier for the clients by delivering fast and making the purchase and shopping process very easy.

3.ClickUp: ClickUp is a productivity AI assistant that provides users with over 100 templated prompts tailored to the user. It summarises content in documents and inbox documents and also helps in idea generation for your brand. It also helps track tasks and projects according to their order of priority.

4. Otter AI: If you ever worried about transcribing long videos or audio to text and lost your appetite because of how tasking it was, Otter AI can help take that off your to-do list. It is a speech-to-text software that uses AI to transcribe conversations. Think of it as a digital executive assistant because it takes notes during meetings, captures slides, and extracts action items during meetings amongst other functions.

5. Browse AI: Knowing what your competitor was up to in the past was always a piece of work but now thanks to digital migration, you can mirror your competitor's strategy or make it better to attract your target audience. Browse AI and access your competitor’s brand, pricing strategies and product launches. It automatically fills everything you need in a spreadsheet for your use. The creators of Browse AI also mentioned that their AI can mimic human behaviour and bypass the CAPTCHA process.

Summary: There’s never been a better time to invest in AI marketing because of its efficiency and it allows every business owner to streamline their tasks and focus on the money generation part of business as well as creative marketing.


How can AI be used in marketing?

AI algorithms can analyse website traffic, identify keywords that can help improve search engine rankings and track competitors' activity. Plus, using AI-powered tools, marketers can learn about their audience's preferences and customise their content to match their interests.

Can AI take over digital marketing?

How AI-based digital marketing can help businesses better?

Want to take content creation off your already full to-do list?

Sign up for our free AI content generator and discover other affordable marketing solutions for your business.


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