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Facebook advertising

We create and manage effective ads to grow your business



Every month

  • ₦100K ad budget limit

  • 3 image creatives

  • 0 video creatives

  • 4 days set up time

  • 3 revisions

  • 1 month ad management

  • Single objective campaigns

  • Biweekly optimisation

  • Standard ad performance

  • 24/7 chat support

  • Standard dashboard

  • Template-based content

  • Basic branding

  • Campaign manager

  • Chat-based updates



Every month

  • ₦500K ad budget limit

  • 5 image creatives

  • 1 video creative

  • 5 days set up time

  • 3 revisions

  • 1 month ad management

  • 3 campaign objectives

  • Daily optimisation

  • Excellent ad performance

  • 24/7 priority chat support

  • Personalised dashboard

  • Personalised content

  • Personalised branding

  • Campaign manager

  • Chat based updates



Every month

  • No ad budget limit

  • 7 image creatives

  • 2 video creatives

  • 7 days set up time

  • Unlimited revisions

  • 1 month ad management

  • 5 campaign objectives

  • Real-time optimisation

  • Superior ad performance

  • Voice & chat support

  • Customised dashboard

  • Personalised content

  • Premium branding

  • Dedicated account manager

  • 2x 30 mins update calls


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What you'll get with all our subscriptions

Full campaign creation

Business Manager setup

 Ad Manager setup

Target Audience Research
Keyword research

Ad content creation

Ad Captions
Ads analytical report

24h instant live chart & support

A/B Testing

Remarketing and retargeting

Pixel setup

Custom audience setup

Lookalike audience setup

Optimised bid


Best-in-class performance

We care about the finest optimisations to give you the most of your Ad budget giving you unmatched results for your Ad spend.

Affordable subscriptions

Loopify360 has made it possible to have easy and on-demand access to marketing solutions through affordable subscriptions.

Done for you
by professionals

Sit back and relax while we do the work for you. You only need to spend a few minutes a month reviewing progress. 

Powered by human expertise & technology

We deliver quicker and better services at a low cost by combining cutting-edge expertise with powerful AI technology.

We can get started on your Facebook ads in a few minutes
Here's how it works

Some examples of our work

What businesses are saying about us

"I literally struggled bitterly for months to get the word out about our product - Crowdbux, until Loopify thankfully happened. We practically went from 29 people waitlisted to 500 in 7 days, on a budget, this made a remarkable difference. Honestly, I’m more impressed than I’m surprised, Loopify told us they would deliver and they did!"
Chidebere Onwuzurike
CEO, Dexter Digital Technologies
  • Does subscription fee include ad spend?
    No it doesn't. You will be billed separately for this. The subscription only includes our service cost.
  • When will my ads go live?
    It takes 4-7 days on average to set up ads depending on your subscription. There is an option to pay an extra fee for an express 1-2 day delivery. You should typically be notified when your ads go live; however, this isn't always guaranteed.
  • How do you select the content/product to promote for my ads?
    This is based on different factors such as content quality, best selling product, engagement levels, your recommendations. Sometimes, we also create content to use for your ads. We experiment with different content, product and audience and then double down on the best performing ones. We strongly recommend giving us flexibility in choosing the content/product to promote as it's an important part of getting results for your brand. Restricting this freedom may lead to poor campaign performance. If you insist on promoting certain content/products, we can go ahead with this; however, this comes at the risk of getting poor or sub-optimal results.
  • When would I start getting results?
    It is difficult to provide a specific timeline for when you can expect to see results in marketing, as it can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. Some of the factors that can impact the speed at which you see results in marketing include ad budget, competition in your industry etc. Some of our customers see results in hours, for some it takes a couple of months. In general, it is important to be patient and persistent when it comes to marketing and advertising, as it can take time to build momentum and see results.
  • Do you guarantee sales?
    Firstly, please see some testimonials from some of our happy customers ( However, it is not possible to guarantee sales/results in marketing, as there are too many variables at play (e.g. price, product, website quality, social media page perception) and it is ultimately up to your target audience to decide whether they are interested in your products or services. However, there are certain best practices that we follow in order to increase the chances of success in marketing efforts for your business. Examples include: Clearly identifying your target audience and creating marketing messages that resonate with them. Using data and insights to guide your marketing efforts and make informed decisions. Testing and experimenting with different factors (e.g. audience, content) and tactics to see what works best. Regularly tracking and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and using that data to optimize and improve your strategy. By following these strategies, we can increase your chances of success in marketing, but it is ultimately not possible to guarantee specific results.
  • What is monthly ad spend limit?
    An advertising budget is an estimate of a company's promotional expenditures over a certain time period. The ad spend limit is the maximum amount you are eligible to spend on ads based on your subscription. For example, on our standard plan, if you would like us to spend more than $300/month on ads, you would need to upgrade to a higher tier.
  • I noticed that my ads are off, should I be worried?
    No, don't be alarmed. Often times we switch off ads for routine optimisation, to ensure that we get the best possible results we can for your business.
  • I don't know anything about ads, can you help me set it up?
    Absolutely! – we’re completely here for you. We have an easy step-by-step process to set everything up, we can run you through it, that's why we exist.
  • How do you know who to target?
    There are two things. The first one is your input. You know your customer better than anyone else. That’s why we ask a few questions about your customers during the onboarding process. The second one is our experience and skills. We know better than anyone how to target your customer. Facebook/Meta and Google have very specific ways on how to set up a highly targeted audience. We perfectly know how to do this and we hope you trust us on this.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    No. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel our plans at any time.
  • Where do you run your ads?
    We focus on running Facebook and Instagram ads. We’ve seen that these bring the best results on a consistent basis. Depending on your plan, we will also run ads via Facebook and Instagram stories for even better results.
  • How much should I spend on ads?
    Ideally a minimum of $100 per month will suffice, but other than that, that’s completely up to you and how much marketing budget you have.
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