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Why our clients love us!

We are honoured to serve 40+ innovative business in over 3 continents! Here's what some of them have to say about us.

Blessing U.
Founder, Kuyaie 

"I longed to hire a digital marketing expert since I and my staff only had basic knowledge about campaigns and Ads. I knew we needed to be more strategic about our marketing goals and hoped to find someone who could do that perfectly. We’d often run ads without sufficient data on who our exact target audience was and really wanted an expert to handle it. 

Honestly as a Bumpa merchant, I saw the advert of a free trial with loopify and felt this was the solution my business needed regarding marketing. After 2 weeks of the trial I saw how things turned around for my business regarding DM’s and enquiries. I was so happy and decided to pay for a subscription plan of 6 months.

I’m glad I made the decision to stick with loopify as I’ve recovered more than i spent on the ads and even the service charge. I’m no longer worried about the marketing aspect of my business as I’ve seen how loopify takes care of it excellently.

I like how we were able to get fast results (i.e getting paying customers) in a very short time!"

Olaitan. Founder,

Before Loopify360, I didn’t have enough sales despite having a great variety of jewellery pieces for sale. I’m a Bumpa Merchant and It’s been amazing since I started with Loopify360. My IG page has a wider reach compared to when I used to run my ads myself.


More patronage as well. I got international buyers for my pieces, which never happened from my previous ads 

Stephanie. Founder,
Nyne and Nuel 

As a Bumper Merchant, I was referred to Loopify360. Working with Loopify360 helped jumpstart my ad running process. They worked through different audiences until we found the best audience and content.


I like the fact that they follow up well. It’s really encouraging. 

Ismaila Waziri. CEO

Before Loopify360, I found it hard to reach my targeted customers, but with Loopify360, everything is now seamless.


Quick and quality service rendered, it changed the way I see marketing now.

Femi, CEO

Before Loopify, we struggled to maximise social media as an acquisition channel. Once we signed up on their platform, all that changed. 


We were getting the right visibility and leads, more than we could manage as a business! We received 80 high quality leads within 3 days, on a very tight budget. 


The leads from their ads are amazing. They made my brand visibility easy.


Social media marketing budget and marketing skills was a challenge, Loopify360 managed to increase our traffic and emails subscribers with limited budget we have.


Their partnership model and understanding of small startup business challenges.


As a Founder, you try to do everything yourself, including marketing. Loopify360 took over social media campaigns and put my mind at rest.

Chidebere Onwuzurike,
Dexter digital technologies 

I literally struggled bitterly for months to get the word out about our product -Crowdbux, and to populate our waitlist. I was distracted and burdened by it until Loopify thankfully happened. 


The fantastic campaign managers were the reasons we chose Loopify, then they keyed into our vision, advised us, assured us, amplified us and we intend to stick with them for the longer time.


We went from only 29 people waitlisted to 500 in 7 days, on a budget! Made a remarkable difference.

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