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Influencer content creators vs UGC; What your startup needs in 2024

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The life of a business owner is filled with ups and downs. Whether your business is run by just one person or a rising startup, there’s always a common factor. How to market your brand to your target audience.

You’ve established how you want your product or service to look, and you have an amazing social media strategy that is guaranteed to get you likes and comments but those unfortunately don't mean profit. So you decide to check what the big brands are up to and you see some of them using Influencer content creators while others are using UGC (User Generated Content) creators.

What's the difference between these two? To avoid the mistake of trial and error, here’s the difference between Influencer Content Creators and User Generated Content Creators.


5. FAQ

Influencer Content Creators and UGC Creators - Who they are

Despite a lot of people mistaking one for the other, these two terms are very much different. But forget about the huge words, let's break it down a bit.

Who are Influencer Content creators?

By definition, Influencer Content Creators are considered to be popular individuals on social media who create content mainly geared towards community building and engagement. They usually have a large audience base across various social media channels and they collaborate with brands to boost brand visibility and sales.

Who are User Generated Content Creators?

By definition, UGC Creators are equally paid to create user-centric content which means more relatable content that is in the form of reviews or testimonials. This type of content can come in two ways: either they are hired by the brand or they just like the product enough to create a short video testimonial. They can be hired, creators, or actual customers.

Difference and Similarities

The similarities between them stem from the fact that they are both hired by the brand to create creative videos. They both use storytelling to pass their message across.

While Influencers are paid to distribute the brand-centric content across their personal social media channels, UGC creators don't have to.

  • Influencer content creators are individuals with substantial followings on social media and other platforms, while UGC creators, regardless of their social media reach, craft content specifically for a brand.

  • UGC creators send these videos to the brands for them to post them on the brand's social media channels as a testimonial review.

  • Influencer content is usually put-together and looks like an obvious advertisement while UGC content is seen and perceived as unstaged and authentic in the eyes of a prospective client. When it comes to UGC content, imperfection is seen as perfection in the eyes of the public.

  • UGC Creators infuse the product into their everyday life experiences for the content to be relatable while Influencers tap into their influence and ability to captivate personalities and introduce the product in the form of a recommendation video which usually works depending on the amount of influence the creator has over their online community.

  • When it comes to the budget difference between the two, UGC creators are easier to manage for smaller and medium brands than Influencers. Influencers' price range goes up with the number of followers they have which can prove to be not so cost-effective for start-ups and small businesses.

Is one ‘better’ than the other?

UGC Creators create authentic-looking content that promotes your product and assures new and old clients about what your product brings to the table but Influencers introduce your product to new customers and expose it to a different shade of audience.

They both have their benefits, including social proof and increased audience range. One of the biggest advantages of UGC creators is the fact that they are seen as fellow customers who purchased your product and enable prospective clients to make quick and informed decisions, plus they don't eat deep into the budget of any start-up because of how affordable they can be and it is relatable.


These are major marketing tools that cannot be overlooked because you might have a good product, the will to create your content and the right team without anyone or a few people knowing it exists.


What is the UGC strategy?

UGC encourages audience participation, as users are more likely to engage with relatable content. This interaction further boosts the campaign's visibility.

Why is UGC better than Influencer Marketing?

Want to showcase the authenticity of your product or service?


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